21 Awesome 12th Birthday Gifts

    7th September, 2019

These 12 year old gift ideas have been tried and tested by real kids who have all given their stamp of approval!

Twelve can be a weird age. They're figureing out which groups they fit in at school, they don't appreciate being called kids, but can't technically be called teens. How do you shop for someone who is only just starting to find out what their true interests are? You've come to the right place. Our shopping experts have created this awesome list of 21 ideas that are sure to impress even the pickiest tween

Nitendo switch

The combination of high performance and software optimisations creates a portable console that feels just as good as a home console. No sluggish UI or terrible looking graphics. Joycon batteries are insanely good. This is a great console for the family.

Videogames are a must for kids nowadays- that’s why the Nintendo Switch makes a fantastic 12th birthday gift for any young gamer. Kids can enjoy some HD gaming on their TV or undock the console to keep on playing in handheld mode. The bundle includes 2 controllers for some shared fun, the Nintendo Switch console, the Nintendo Switch dock, and a few accessories.

Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set

The pieces are really nice and my kids love them. A real nice chess set. Of course its plastic, but is a high grade plastic that is well done. I would not has-ate to recommend this to a friend, it is a good buy even if you don,t happen to be a big fan of Harry Potter, if your a big fan of Harry then it is plus.

Everybody fell in love with wizarding chess. Now, the Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set can be given as a gift to Potter fans. It is officially authorized by Warner Brothers and manufactured by the Noble Collection. The playing board measures 18.5 x 18.5 inches, and the chess pieces are 2 to 4 inches. The pieces might not move by themselves like in the movie, but they look just right and are high quality.

Viper League Dartboard Starter Set

Great dart board! Cork and finish is great quality. Numbers are metal and can move to keep the board fresh if you're a cricket nut (like me) definitely recommend and would buy again.

The Viper League Pro Regulation Bristle Steel Tip Dart board Starter Set is made of sisal fibers compressed together and features a staple-free bullseye. This amazing tournament-sized board measures 18" in diameter, and features a complete sets of steel tip darts (3 total), a cricket scoreboard with chalk and eraser, and mounting hardware. It makes an excellent 12th birthday gift for a kid who likes games and sports.

Magical Microbes MudWatt STEM Kit

This was great, I used this for a Microbiology class project. Had great results. very easy to use. I even got my grandson to do one

This bio-energy pet is a blast of fun and learning! The Magical Microbes MudWatt STEM Kit allows kids to light up an LED and power a clock, using nothing but mud. This excellent 12th birthday gift idea engages children to build their own living fuel cell by feeding the microbes on the soil. MudWatt also allows them to track the growth of their microbe population, and unlock chapters of a comic book included on the free MudWatt Explorer App.

Elephantasm Complete 31-Inch Skateboard

The board itself is a good board for a beginner. It’s sturdy, posseses decent grip tape and displays a really popping design. Bought this for my kids christmas present and they love it. It is made very well with wheels that roll really smooth. The graphics on the bottom are a hit.

This cool skateboard is made from ply Canadian maple. The Skateboards Elephantasm Complete 31-Inch Skateboard is a mild concave skateboard, which gives it an excellent control while turning, riding, and doing tricks. This fantastic board makes a lovely 12th birthday gift for kids who like to be adventurous and play sports.

Trivial Pursuit World of Harry Potter Ultimate

The overall quality of the board, the movers and the cards is excellent. Everything is decorated with nice designs and nothing feels cheap.

The USAOPOLY Trivial Pursuit World of Harry Potter Ultimate Edition is a super fun gift for kids from 8 to 15 years old - they just need to be Harry Potter fans! It features 1800 questions from all 8 Harry Potter films, that fall on the categories of locations, magical people, and more. The game includes a custom game board, 4 custom house crest movers, 300 cards and 24 wedges.

littleBits Rule Your Room Kit

It has a lot of potential, and it's very versatile. It's a great creative toy. You can make art out of it. You can use it to build. The sky's the limit.

This fantastic invention kit minimizes screen time for both kids and teens - any child wanting to take some control over their room will love it. The littleBits Rule Your Room Kit helps kids and teens develop engineering and problem-solving skills while creating interactive inventions that combine the kit with anything they already own. This fun gift for teens inspires them to make many inventions but gives them step-by-step instructions for 8 of them, with a bonus challenge.

Avengers Hero Inventor Kit

My daughters and I have spent a couple hours experimenting with the Inventor Kit, and have had a great time. The companion app is intuitive and walks you through all of the steps of creating circuits, testing them, and then customizing them.

A fun gift for kids who love the Avengers movies, this toy turns them into superheroes. Suitable from age 8 through to 15, kids will be able to create unique superhero identities and powers, with electronic building blocks that snap together to turn circuits into inventions.


O my gosh these are amazing they are super quick and reliable every single one fills and does not burst ready for play as quick as a flash

Do you know a kid who is crazy about water balloons? Then this might be the best 12th birthday gift you can give them. The Water Balloons - Bunch of Balloons Rapid Refill 8 Pack is the ultimate tool for balloon warfare. With it, kids can fill and tie 100 water balloons in less than 60 seconds. Amazing, right? They just need to connect and they will fill like magic.

Plan B Games Azul Board Game

We're really enjoying this game requiring different thinking/playing than most of our other games.Great for a small group, short strategy game. It plays quickly and is fast moving for the most part.

This magically colored board game is as enjoyable to play as it is good to look at! The Plan B Games Azul Board Game is a fantastic 12th birthday gift idea for kids who are love tabletop games. It’s made of high-quality components and beautifully colored tiles that are fun to draft and place in the game.

Kan Jam Ultimate Disc Game

What a fantastic, innovative game! Absolutely brilliant. We played it most days on the beach. Light to carry and such a good game if you’re like our family and love getting competitive!

Kan Jam Ultimate Disc Game is a fantastic game to take on a camping trip or to play at the beach. The set includes a custom-designed official kanjam flying disc, 2 portable official goals, and (of course) instructions. It makes a fantastic 12th birthday gift for kids who would love to be active and outside.

21-Piece Oil Painting Set with Table Easel

Wow of all the art supplies I have purchased already...THIS WAS THE BEST! I wish I had started here FIRST. The paints, brushes,easel AND canvas EXCELLENT QUALITY at a low price.

This lovely canvas panel is large enough to hold a canvas up to 19 5/8". The US Art Supply 21-Piece Oil Painting Set with Table Easel makes for a fantastic 12th birthday gift for soon-to-be artists. The oil tube colors have a 12ml capacity, the wood palette and the 6-piece artist brushes are made from high quality materials.

Start Robotics Themed 3D Pen Set for Kids

I ordered these 3-d doodler packs for my son and he has gotten great use out of all of them. He loves having the plates to make different shapes easily and finds new ways to combine the shapes of the different packs I have gotten him.

Kids will love to create two-legged, four-legged, or six-legged walking robots! This fantastic 12th birthday gift for the young robot lover is a must to assist with STEM learning. The 3Doodler Start Licensed Powerpuff Yourself 3D Pen Set for Kids is a tactile learning toy that inspires creativity, planning and design, and building skills, with spatial understanding.

Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter Complete Trick Scooter

Great lightweight stunt scooter, very smooth, my 12 year old loves it!

One of the best scooters for beginners and intermediates, the Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter Complete Trick Scooter is an excellent idea for a 12th birthday gift. It looks super cool with its sleek design, and it’s so easy to pull together that kids can almost have fun right out of the box! This fast scooter is incredibly lightweight, but it can take up to 220 lbs.

Minecraft Stop-Motion Animation Studio

My son has had so much fun making movies with this toy. We've seen a huge creativity boost and he's learning a lot. Presents for my granddaughter for christmas she absolutely loves them all

Kids who love Minecraft will have an out-of-the-world fun with the Minecraft Stop-Motion Animation Studio. This amazing 12th birthday gift idea combines real-life objects with a super fun mobile app that allows them to aim and shoot, as well as swap out environments to tell a different story. The Studio includes a movie stage, 3 exclusive mini-figures, 6 different backgrounds, a device holder, and more 18 accessories.

Boon Glo Nightlight with Portable Balls

The product itself, it pretty impressive, both my kids love it! The balls when fully inundated with light for a while, stay lit for over an hour when removed from the base. Long enough to put them to sleep. Such a wonderful concept and well executed design. We couldn't be happier and I Hope they continue to make things like this - customer for life!

Great for anyone who likes light at night, The Boon Glo Nightlight with Portable Balls are not electronic, but they are phosphorescent and emit a green glow up to 30 minutes once removed from their base. This interactive nightlight makes an amazing birthday gift for kids who are afraid of monsters at night or just want to see the cool lights change their colors.

Craftster's Woodland Animals Sewing Kit

Wonderful starting sewing kit for kids who love crafting on their own. This is such a cute set. Perfect way to learn to sew. Great quality. It's such a great idea for gift-giving.

The Woodland Animals Craft Educational Sewing Kit features 5 pre-cut animal sewing projects, 5 sewing needles, 6 colors of embroidery thread, 40 straight pins, easy-to-follow instructions, and more! All contained in a portable carry case for travel and playdates. Kids can develop fine motor skills in a screen-free fun, and have a blast at the same time!

ThinkFun Laser Chess Two Player Strategy Game

This game is a great way to learn how to strategize! you don't need to know how to play chess...only have to understand how lasers and reflections work! Super fun game for kids.

This modern twist on the classic game of chess is super cool. The ThinkFun Laser Chess is a fun STEM toy that has two-player strategy gameplay for some shared fun. It makes a fantastic 12th birthday gift for laser lovers because it features two real lasers with <0.39Mw max output. This award-winning game is easy to play and develops planning and reasoning skills.

LEGO Architecture London Skyline Collection Set

The piece looks beautiful completed. Great set

This epic building set features a detailed model of the London skyline, with 5 iconic landmarks! This cool London LEGO model features the National Gallery, London Eye, Nelson’s Column, Tower Bridge, and Big Ben. The LEGO Architecture London Skyline Collection 21034 Building Set is a fantastic 12th birthday gift for a LEGO lover, it includes 468 pieces and a collectible booklet that discuss the design, history, and architecture of the famous landmarks.

Star Wars Chewbacca Plush

This is really good quality and much bigger than I thought too. So it’s not some small plush doll. My boy is obsessed with this thing and now insists on sleeping with Chewy every night. Great quality and very soft.

The cutest 12th, or whenever, birthday gift ever for the Star Wars lover. The Star Wars Chewbacca Plush has a faux fur covering and a super soft and squeezable fill. Its embroidered features give Chewie a realistic look, and the plush hands and foot pads are great for cuddling.

Skee-Ball: Tabletop Classic Arcade Game

This was a favorite at our end of summer carnival with family and friends. The kids kept going back over and over. They loved it!

This is the official tabletop skeeball game that lets kids play skeeball (almost) anywhere! The portable Skee-Ball: Tabletop Classic Arcade Game makes a fantastic 12th birthday gift for those who love easy fold-n-go fun. This durable game includes 5 solid wooden skeeballs, the skeeball game board, a score pad, and the game rules.