Empowering First Birthday Gifts

    8th September, 2019

Empowering first birthday gifts for our smallest citizens

They are the future! Start them young by ordering them a first birthday gift that teaches them how powerful they really are. Now more than ever, it's important to raise our babes to know they can acheive great things. It all start with you, right now, checking out our list of empowering first birthday gifts.

Little Feminist Board Book Set

I bought this for best friends little girls and they LOVE it!!! it has helped the older one as she is learning to read and feels very proud when she can read these books all by herself!

The Little Feminist Board Book Set is comprised of colorful illustrated portraits of real women who have made a historical impact on the world. Illustrations by Lydia Ortiz and words by Emily Kleinman introduce children to significant women in history with images that are fun for youngsters and also realistic. The Board Book Set includes 4 mini board books: Pioneers, Artists, Leaders, and Activists.