Great 7th Birthday Gifts under $30

    1st July, 2019

Save a few dollars, and still get them something out of this world!

If you're anything like us, you're unfortunately not made of money. We haven't cracked the code on how to turn ourselves into human savings accounts, but we do have bargan hunting down to a science. Look no further for a list of fun gift ideas for kid on their 7th birthday. We haven't even told you the best part yet. Nothing on this list is over $30!

Awesome Jokes That Every 7 Year Old Should Know

My 7 year old son loves this book. He now thinks he’s the funniest person ever when telling us jokes from it. This is a perfect way to get your 7 year old exited about reading! It was a big hit in our house.

Jokes are so much fun, especially when kids are telling them to their friends and family! The Awesome Jokes That Every 7 Year Old Should Know is a fantastic seventh birthday gift to supply a child with some entertaining material. They will share the jokes with their friends or anyone who needs a laugh.

I Am the Seed That Grew the Tree - Daily Poems

This treasury of poems is very well done. It is larger than I expected, with thick pages and beautiful illustrations. This is an amazing poetry book! It is beautifully illustrated with a great variety of poetry, we look forward to reading our poem every day. There is a poem for every day of the year and they coincide with the seasons, etc. It is a lovely collection and we will use it over and over again.

I Am the Seed That Grew the Tree - A Poem for Every Day of the Year is a lovely, inspiring book for children and adults to enjoy together. This illustrated collection of 366 nature poems helps kids build the habit of reading - one poem a day. This thoughtful 7th birthday gift option features poems from known authors and new discoveries. Featured poets include Emily Bronte, William Blake, Charles Causley, Emily Dickinson, Carol Ann Duffy, and many more!

Shock Proof 8x21 Kids Binoculars Set

They are perfect for an elementary school class. Sturdy, but good magnification.This product has stood the test of time with two toddlers and travel. We got these binoculars for our 7 year old daughter's birthday. She is very happy with them. They come with a nice good-quality carrying bag made of heavy fabric. The bag has a loop so that they can be carried on a belt. There is a shoelace-style strap that attaches to one side of the binoculars.

The Shock Proof 8x21 Kids Binoculars Set is a real set of binoculars, with accurate optics. This fantastic 7th birthday gift for the budding explorer is durable and child-proof. The binoculars are designed so children can use them efficiently, with magnification of 8x. The set also features accessories like a cleaning cloth, a carrying case, a 2-foot long neck strap, and an operations manual.

Laugh Attack!: The BIGGEST, Best Joke Book EVER

I bought it for my 7 year old cousin and he loved it he has had “joke shows” for the family. we love paging through this as a family, and my son who is 7 LOVES IT! GOOD CLEAN SIMPLE CATCHING JOKES that everyone will love!

Jam-packed with a thousand jokes, the BIGGEST, Best Joke Book EVER was created by joke experts. This fantastic collection makes for a fabulous 7th birthday gift - it has family-friendly, beneficial and fun jokes. Kids can share them with their friends and spread a lot of laughter during family time.

Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes - 3 Foam Plane Toys

These stomp rockets are really fun!!! Having 3 different types gives you some variety & excitement. I appreciate toys that inspire ACTUAL PLAY and gets the kids playing together outside.

Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes are super fun! This100% kid-powered set of foam planes comes in three types: Looper, Glider, and Wildcat. They make fabulous 7th birthday gifts, the 3 stunt planes are sturdy and have an adjustable angle of flight with the launch stand. The Looper is famous for performing giant loops, the Wildcat does all kinds of tricks, and the Glider soars up to 100 feet.

Fantastic Wordsearches for 7 Year Olds

Seven year old niece loved this. More interesting and enjoyable than most other word searches.

This must be one of the best seventh birthday gifts out there for kids who like puzzles. The Fantastic Wordsearches features amazing illustrated puzzles that come in several levels: from easy warm-ups to super-challenging grids. The tricky words come with missing letters, clues, and more. This word search book brings fun to the whole family

Lulu Jr. Illustory Book Making Kit

A good product, nicely presented. It really encourages the "young author." Great idea, bought this for a first grader. She was so excited she started writing a story on the first day. She is excited to see the final product, but is still writing her story.

Fuel a child's love for writing, drawing, and storytelling with the Lulu Jr. Illustory Book Making Kit. It's the ideal 7th birthday gift for the young writer and cartoonist, who dreams of having a book published. This bookmaking kit features a writing guide for its newest version. The kit includes some ready-to-use cover templates, a guide book, and instructions, a set of 10 color markers, the story and illustration template pages, and a postage-paid envelope and order form.

Bananagrams Game

Was exactly as described - a quality product. Well priced too. We love Bananagrams in our house. With five younger kids, it's also a fun way to teach them letters, how to spell and inspire creativity

Bananagrams are fun for everyone! Kids and their families will race against each other to build crossword grids. This game makes a fantastic seventh birthday gift - it’s is easy to play and very educational. By playing Bananagrams, kids (and occasionally adults) will improve their linguistic skills and spelling of words.

ALEX Toys Craft DIY Card Crafter

Amazing kit, has everything you could want to design cute little cards. My niece had a blast with this. I got her this recently for her birthday and she immediately opened it up and started making thank you cards for everyone who had gotten here a gift. It was super cute to watch and we found it very kid friendly. No help needed and lots of fun stencils and stickies to spruce up your designs

Give a child a DIY present and watch them get creative. This is the purpose of the ALEX Toys Craft DIY Card Crafter, a fabulous 7th birthday gift option. With this crafter, kids can make unique cards for any occasion - birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and more. The kit includes printed cards, gems, envelopes, stickers, paper shapes, washi tape, and more!


Great, instructional activity for a young child The booklet helped us identify each fossil and is a keeper to help us remember what each fossil is. The photos were clear and the text informative.

This cool kit allows kids to dig dinosaur fossils that are millions of years old! The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Mega Fossil Dig Kit is a lovely 7th birthday gift for a young paleontologist. The kit features a 16-page learning guide that illustrates the specimens kids can discover, tools like the brush, chisel, and a magnifying glass, plus the dig brick, packed with the dinosaur fossils.

Where the Sidewalk Ends Poems and Drawings

This is a timeless book. I still enjoy reading it from my copy I received when I was 7 years old. It's a great quality book with a slip cover to keep it nice. I would buy this again.

A story by Shel Silverstein, the Where the Sidewalk Ends Poems and Drawings hardcover book is a place where kids can meet a girl who eats a whale, and a crocodile that goes to the dentist. This fantastic 7th birthday gift features a collection of poems and drawing, both funny and profound.

Hasbro Simon Air Game

I bought this for the kids and parents of our supervised visitation program. It is well received and the parents and kids laugh and have a lot of fun with the game. It keeps them occupied and happy for a long time, which is great.

A modern twist on the classic Simon game, the Hasbro Simon Air Game uses touch-free technology to recognize when a player is following the light sequence by sensing their movements. A fantastic seventh birthday gift, this fun table-top game can be played solo or with a partner in the 2-player mode.

Smart Games Color Code

This game helps kids problem solve, focus, accept and work through challenges and of course colors and shapes. My son is VERY proud and excited when he figures one out and honestly so am I…when he figures one out.

This game for budding graphic designers takes color coding to another level. Smart Games Color Code is a fun twist on puzzle games, where kids need to create from easy to complex color shapes with the materials included - a 3D game board, a game booklet with 100 unique challenges, and 18 transparent tiles with colorful graphic designs. This fantastic 7th birthday gift idea helps children to develop logic and spatial reasoning skills.

Asmodee Dobble Card Game

This is a very fun game. Learned in 30 seconds and great for adults and kids alike.This game is quick to learn, quick to play, and leads to quicker thinking.

Asmodee Dobble Card Game is a card game that fosters children's visual perception. In Dobble, kids race to find a matching picture between two cards. The images are difficult to spot, and every card is unique, having only one match with every other card in the deck. This is a fantastic 7th birthday gift option, great in creating excitement for kids and their family or friends.

Learning Resources Mix And Measure Activity Set

Promote Creativity and Scientific Thinking for Years to Come. The instructions are clear and illustrate good scientific method. I could recommend buying dry beans for some of the experiments before you open the package. You will have more fun right away.

An excellent gift for budding cooks or scientists, the Learning Resources Mix And Measure Activity Set features some durable and colorful mixing tools, contoured for little hands. It makes for a fantastic 7th birthday gift, that has instructions for the production of mystery goo, slime, puffy paint, and more! The set includes a scale, 6 uniquely designed measuring cups, and 3 self-standing spoons.

LEGO City Ambulance Helicopter 60179 Building Kit

The Lego Ambulance Helicopter is a fantastic set that truly inspires hours of imaginative play. It has been an amazing addition to our Lego World we have set up!

Another fantastic LEGO toy, the LEGO City Ambulance Helicopter 60179 Building Kit makes a great addition to a kid’s construction set. This building kit allows children to build a powerful helicopter toy, that has an opening hatch, a space for a stretcher and spinning rotors. This amazing seventh birthday gift option features 190 pieces and three figures: a doctor, a helicopter pilot, and a snowboarder.

Squashed 3D Strategy Board Game

Great NEW type of game. Lots of fun. My 7 y/o loves playing as much as us adults. Games are rather quick, squashing players is pretty fun.

In this game, players think three-dimensionally. Squashed 3D Strategy Board Game entertains kids for hours: they need to squash their opponents into the cube and roll the dice whenever the King gets to the top. This great 7th birthday gift is an easy-to-learn game that starts a race to the top of the cube!

Crayola Air Marker Sprayer Set

This was the unexpected hit of Christmas. Of all the nicer high tech toys my family received this is entertaining them for hours on end.

Every kid loves markers and what they do. Imagine how much love an airbrush would get! The Crayola Air Marker Sprayer Set has to be one of the best 7th birthday gifts out there. The set features a sprayer that can convert regular markers into a spray of ink, 2 stencil sheets, 5 pip-squeaks bright-colored washable markers, and 10 sheets of paper.

Make Your Own Soap Kit

I love this kit! It is so cute and a child can feel like they are doing the craft themselves. Everything pictured you can make with what they provide. Great for young crafters! Soap smells great!

This kit for melting and molding up to 10 soaps from scratch is a blast for any crafty kid. The Make Your Own Soap Kit features 20 blocks of clear soap base, 20 color tablets, soap mold with 6 shapes, and much more! This fantastic choice for a 7th birthday gift has some crystal clear instructions so that kids can create their own soap shaped like a galaxy star, an emoji cat, and more.

LEGO City Pickup & Caravan Building Kit

With the LEGO City Pickup & Caravan Building Kit children get to build a fantastic pickup truck toy with a hitch and a cool caravan trailer with many features. This great idea for a seventh birthday gift includes 344 pieces and 3 figures: mom, dad and son - and an extra crab figure.

Crayola Trolls Light-Up Tracing Pad

The Crayola Trolls Light-Up Tracing Pad is fantastic for a budding art lover. This coloring board lights up to help kids with tracing their favorite characters from the movie Trolls - children eventually find out they can print many other designs to trace too! This fantastic 6th birthday gift option features 12 short-colored pencils, 10 blank sheets, 10 trolls tracing worksheets, and a graphite pencil.

ALEX Toys Craft My First Sewing Kit

My son wanted a sewing kit and this was one that looked more for boys and girls. Has everything needed for a child's first attempt at sewing.

The cutest starter sewing kit ever, ALEX Toys Craft My First Sewing Kit makes a fantastic seventh birthday gift. This kit fosters art and helps kids to learn an exciting new ability, that can become their hobby or even a future career! This set makes a fantastic activity for traveling or rainy days: it features material and instructions to sew fun things like stuffed animals.

Who Is (Kids Name)?: The Story of My Life

This is a wonderful "diary" for children. A great opportunity for "who, what, when, where, why". I was quite impressed with the people they said they would like to meet, both past and present. This would make a great gift. Great quality. Lots of fun for a school project. It will make a fun keepsake.

Who Is (Your Name Here)?: The Story of My Life (Who Was?) is a fun, interactive hardcover journal that prompts kids to write and record their own life stories. It makes a fantastic 7th birthday gift that will probably last for years and bring so many great memories! In this journal, kids can write about their past, present, and future.

Sick Science Fizz Pop Boom Science Kit

This science kit promotes critical thinking and open-ended learning, and the best thing is: it’s super cool! The Be Amazing! Toys Sick Science Fizz Pop Boom Science Kit is a great 7th birthday gift, and this is why: kids do science experiments. That means that they can learn real science while having a blast with their family or friends.

Craftster's Woodland Animals Sewing Kit

Wonderful starting sewing kit for kids who love crafting on their own. This is such a cute set. Perfect way to learn to sew. Great quality. It's such a great idea for gift-giving.

The Woodland Animals Craft Educational Sewing Kit features 5 pre-cut animal sewing projects, 5 sewing needles, 6 colors of embroidery thread, 40 straight pins, easy-to-follow instructions, and more! All contained in a portable carry case for travel and playdates. Kids can develop fine motor skills in a screen-free fun, and have a blast at the same time!

The Never Girls Collection #1

My daughter absolutely loves this series. Exactly what I expect. Four books perfectly tailored to a young girl who loves Disney and all things fairy. The text is large enough to help a beginner keep his/her place when reading. They are large enough books to give the reader a sense of accomplishment, but not so large they become discouraged

Packed in the cutest little box, The Never Girls Collection #1, by Disney, makes a lovely 7th birthday gift. The collection features the first four Never Girls adventures, which are: In a Blink, The Space Between, A Dandelion Wish, and From the Mist. Four best friends go in an adventure off to Never Land, a great story any kid will love to read!

Rush Hour Game Kit- Traffic Jam Logic Card Game

Fantastic real life puzzle to develop logic thinking. Cars of different colours, types and sizes make it more fun and desirable to play. This game is played by one child. It helps develp perserverance and problem solving skills. The progression gets adults involved. Excellent game.

The Rush Hour Game Kit - Traffic Jam is a classic logic card game for little problem-solvers. This fantastic game can be given as a 7th birthday gift and features a set of 40 challenges, from beginners to experts. Kids can develop abilities like reasoning and planning skills while playing this game and having fun!

She Persisted Boxed Set Hardcover

Beautiful stories of strong women and well drawn art. I really liked these books. I bought them for my granddaughters. They are inspirational for girls. Reading or hearing about women and girls who achieved so much for women’s rights is an exceptional example of persistence.Wonderful books for our daughter but important for girls and boys.

This fantastic hardcover set must be one of the best feminist 7th birthday gifts out there. "She Persisted" features 2 collections about 13 remarkable, tenacious women that left their footprint in the history. They struggled and persevered, and children will be so inspired by their stories!

Fold N Fly Paper Airplanes Kit

This was an ideal stocking filler that meant all the family could have lots of fun. Could use indoors without damaging house and we had many battles!! Would recommend.

Folding paper airplanes is a lost art. Introduce a kid to it in the most fun way! The Fold N Fly Paper Airplanes Kit is an amazing 7th birthday gift. The papers are colorful and full of patterns, they can be personalized with stickers and can be made by following the easy instructions included.

Mattel Games Bounce-Off Game

It's light It's easy to get out and clean up/put away again It builds dexterity and hand-eye coordination It teaches patience and meticulousness and care It's great for teaching visualization, geometry, and strategy

A simple yet super fun game. The Mattel Games Bounce-Off Game is a race without cars: each player has to recreate the patterns from the challenge cards by bouncing balls into the grid. Whoever gets it first, wins! It’s a fantastic idea for a 7th birthday gift, and it includes 16 balls, 9 challenge cards, and a game grid.

HedBanz Game, Family Guessing Game

I'm a speech therapist and this game gets all of my students excited about speech. It targets making inferences, using descriptive words, asking questions, responding to yes/no questions and turn taking skills. Kids love it, easy and quick to get started, with endless opportunities to INNOVATE!

An excellent gift a kid for their seventh birthday is a game for the whole family. The HedBanz Game, Family Guessing Game is an engaging, fun question game of “What am I?”. Kids will love to spend some quality time with their families playing this fast-paced game that flexes deductive and reasoning skills.

Duck Shape Snowball Maker

My neighbors never suspected it was me! Works fantastic. 10/10 will buy again.

A great gift for kids, and snowball fight lovers, the Duck Shape Snowball Maker is a fun toy to use in the snow! This lovely duck shape comes in random bright colors and turns any handful of snow into a beautiful small duck.

Mini ATM Electronic Coin Bank

I absolutely love this money safe that serves multiple purposes. It’s serves as decor, putting all loose change to lessen the weight of my purse, fun way to teach to save money, and I love it! The safe arrive as it appears on the picture and to my surprise it’s a good size piggy bank! I love that it came with a screw driver to open the bottom to insert your own batteries (3 AAs batteries).

Do you agree that children should learn the value of money early? Well, then the Electronic Piggy Banks Mini ATM Electronic Coin Bank must be one of the best options you have for a seventh birthday gift. Made from high-quality, premium ABS, this coin bank is safe, and can store 600 pieces of coins - or 100 pieces of paper money.