Great 9th Birthday Gifts under #25

    9th October, 2019

Who says money can't buy happiness? $25 is all you need to grab them an awesome 9th birthday gift, and you might even wind up with change for a Starbucks on the way!

No two kids are the same, which is why we've done the math and picked out the 10 greatest gifts out there for 9 year olds. Feast your eyes on these puppies! (No puppies were harmed in the making of this list) (there are also no puppies on this list) (Now we kind of wish we had some puppies to play with)

Bilingual Spanish/English Flash Cards

Cards are good for basic words, colors, numbers etc. they are colorful and the pictures are versatile enough for my 2,3 and 7 year olds. They are all enjoying their Spanish lessons and learning quickly!

The School Zone - Bilingual Spanish to English Flash Cards 4-Pack is a 4-pack flashcard set for children age 4 and above that includes enough information to learn the alphabet, essential sight words, colors, shapes, numbers 1 to 100, and more.

Tuttle Chinese for Kids Flash Cards Kit

This is a great resource for bilingual homes. I love that the cd has nursery rhymes on it in addition to the vocabulary, it really helps keep learning fun in the car. I love the flascards so much I laminated them to protect them for years to come.

Someone in your life want to get started with Chinese? The Tuttle Chinese for Kids Flash Cards Kit is a great gift option. With this kit, children from preschool, and early adult learners, through the early elementary level will be able to learn essential words, Chinese characters, phrases, and sentences in a fun and easy way. This kit includes an audio CD, that provides the native pronunciation of the words, and sample sentences.

Carson Dellosa - Everyday Words in Spanish

First of all the delivery was super fast! The flash cards are obviously for kids and this is good because they are big with big letters and images , which makes the words really catchy

A fantastic language learning tool, the Carson Dellosa - Everyday Words in Spanish is a great gift idea, especially for children who need some help studying Spanish. The two-sided cards have rounded corners for easy sorting and help Spanish students to review the language and memorize some words.

Primary Science Lab Activity Set

This minilab is the cutest science gift for kids out there! With the Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Activity Set, kids will explore and experiment with real science tools, but suitable for little hands. This colorful set for beginners includes a beaker, a funnel, test tubes, magnifying glass, and more, all made of durable plastic. The kit also features some cards with fun, easy-to-do experiments .

Snap Circuits Jr. Electronics Exploration Kit

These are Great for teaching young children are older children or anybody even about electricity about energy , about sensors about solar about how cameras work . This will be perfect for any parent to buy a child and teach their child all about electricity. I would consider it the number one way to teach a child about electricity. Quality product.

Kids can learn electronics by seeing firsthand how electrical circuits run the everyday devices they're familiar with. The Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Exploration Kit does that, and that's why it makes an excellent science gift for kids. This kit features over 30 components that can be used to create 101 different electronic projects, like the creation of a sound-activated switch, a voice-controlled lamp, a musical doorbell, a flying saucer, and a light police siren.


Good fun for my 8 year old, he was very excited to fun actual fossils in the kit. I had hoped it would take him more than an hour to deal with it, but money well spent nevertheless.

Everyone knows a kid who will go nuts when they see a real dinosaur fossil. The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Dino Fossil Dig Kit is one of the best science gifts for kids - it features 3 genuine dinosaur fossils: a dinosaur bone, mosasaur tooth, and dinosaur poop. This educational adventure allows children to dig up these fossils in some hands-on exploration and start their rock collection (if they didn’t have one already)..

Nature Bound Bug Catcher with Habitat Bucket

Such a fun kit. Lots of nice containers and tools for catching bugs. Good quality plastic containers.

The Nature Bound Bug Catcher with Habitat Bucket and 7 Piece Nature Exploration Set includes bug tongs, net, pipette, magnifying glass, tweezers, activity booklet, a storage bucket, and more. It makes a lovely science gift for kids who love to stay in contact with nature and to study bugs. The colorful activity booklet also teaches kids about various kinds of insects, which helps them learn biology concepts early on.

Berlitz Language: French Flash Cards

A useful product for learning basic sight words in French. Because pronunciation is so important in any language, especially in French, Berlitz should have a site where a person who buys this set of words can go to hear the French pronunciation done by a native French speaker.

Do you have a friend who would love to speak French? The Berlitz Language: French Flash Cards are a great gift, especially for kids. Each card features engaging illustrations, the words in the foreign language plus their pronunciation and translation.

Duck Shape Snowball Maker

My neighbors never suspected it was me! Works fantastic. 10/10 will buy again.

A great gift for kids, and snowball fight lovers, the Duck Shape Snowball Maker is a fun toy to use in the snow! This lovely duck shape comes in random bright colors and turns any handful of snow into a beautiful small duck.

Tuttle More Japanese for Kids Flash Cards Kit

I have several from Tuttle, they are terrific. The graphics are large and colorful, and the cards themselves are oversized, laminated, quite sturdy.

If you want a kid (or adult) in your life to learn Japanese, the Tuttle More Japanese for Kids Flash Cards Kit might be one of the best birthday gifts available. With this kit, children from preschool through the early elementary level will be able to learn essential words, Japanese kanji, phrases, and sentences in a fun and easy way. This kit includes an audio CD, that provides the native pronunciation of the words, and sample sentences.

Berlitz Language: German Flash Cards

These worked very well for my child to practice his German spelling and the articles. He already knew the words but stressed that he liked these because of the pictures - so I figure if he likes them, that's a five star rating for us.

Got a friend who woul love to speak German? The Berlitz Language: German Flash Cards are a great birthday gift idea, especially for kids! Each card features engaging illustrations, the words in the foreign language plus their pronunciation and translation.

Judy Blume's Fudge Box Set Paperback

I loved these books as a kid, so I bought this for my 9yo son. He read through the entire set, one book after another. And has even re-read a few. As he's reading, I can hear him laughing out loud. So great! No girl should ever miss the opportunity to read anything by Judy Blume, but especially this boxed set. Classics!! I loved her when I was a kid and now my daughters enjoy her too.

Judy Blume's Fudge Box Set Paperback features the complete set of the bestselling author Judy Blume. The collection includes Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, Double Fudge, Fudge-a-Mania, and Superfudge. It makes a fantastic, thoughtful 9th birthday gift that will entice the birthday girl to be part of the new generation of Blume readers.

A Smart Girl's Guide: Friendship Troubles

This is a great book, I can recommend it to anyone with a 9 year old daughter (or a bit younger or older)! It explains relationship issues so well and easy enough to understand for a child and it's actually fun to read it together. My 9 yr old daughter says that she really enjoyed reading this and got lots of tips, however she tends to forget the tips and needs to keep coming back to it every few weeks, therefore its an excellent buy!

Children who are close to puberty start experiencing trouble with their relationship with friends. A Smart Girl's Guide: Friendship Troubles is a book and a guide for girls who are dealing with a few friendship problems. It makes a fantastic, thoughtful 9th birthday gift, This useful book helps girls to deal with the possible issues in their interpersonal relationships through practical tips, fun quizzes, and stories from real girls who've been there--and are still friends.

AlphaBriks & MathBriks 10"x10" Green Base Plate

My grandchildren like the look for the bricks because they remind them of legos. They connect very well to the grid provided. It’s a fun tool to use for spelling & math. Helps keep them engaged. I was very pleased with the quality of the printed letters/numbers and the quantity of each letter/digit.

AlphaBriks & MathBriks 10 "x10" Green Base Plate is a great way to have fun and learn at home and at school. This fantastic 9th birthday gift idea features a green 10" x 10" base plate that is compatible with any standard size building bricks, 100 AlphaBriks, and 100 Mathbriks. Kids can use them to practice Math or spelling, and can also use them to write messages for themselves and others.

Pressman Toys Color Smash Tin in Box Game

Simple instructions, fun and portable game the whole family can play.

This is an excellent game of fast reflexes and color coordination! In Pressman Toys Color Smash Tin in Box Game, players take turns to lay their splats on the stack. When there is a splat with the word on it, any player must SLAP! This fantastic 9th birthday gift drives kids to be the player that collects the most cards to win. It can be played by 2 to 6 players and has a fun and colorful “paint can” to store and keep all the cards together.

Marvin's Magic Fifty Amazing Magic Tricks

Nephew loves this set and has enjoyed testing out his skill on all the family. Worth the price.

Magic tricks are super fun and engage kids in learning and experiencing creative thinking. The Marvin's Magic Fifty Amazing Magic Tricks make a fantastic 9th birthday gift for children who would like to learn to perform tricks like mind reading, money magic, card tricks, and even levitations! This amazing selection of 225 easy-to-perform magic tricks comes with a clearly illustrated instruction booklet, the perfect start for any novice magician.

Made By Me Build & Paint Your Own Wooden Cars

Hands down the BEST summer project my son has completed!!!! The wood pieces are nicely cut and my nephews and niece each loved putting together their own little car. The tires roll! Everything works and the cars look AMAZING!!!

Made By Me Build & Paint Your Own Wooden Cars is such a fantastic DIY kit for creative children! This fabulous 9th birthday gift idea features everything a kid needs to build and design 3 race cars. They can make their vehicles stand out from the rest by creating cool hues as they mix assorted paint colors together. The kit includes 42 wooden pieces, sandpaper, 12 pots of acrylic paint, 2 paint brushes, 3 pots of glue, and 3 sticker sheets.

Scrabble Game

The board is fairly sturdy. It's a thick one, not just cheap like I guessed when looking at the box. All 4 tile racks are made of unfinished pine and feel like they need to be sanded once more. All 100 tiles were present in their correct amounts per letter. The tiles are made of smooth and finished wood. Mine came with a cloth tile bag and a game guide.

This classic game is a must for any kid’s playroom. Scrabble is one of the best 9th birthday gifts out there - it helps with kids understanding of English language and spelling. The kit includes a game board, 4 tile racks, 100 wooden letter tiles,1 drawstring letter bag for secure storage, and a game guide.

Sorry Board Game

Thankyou for her another great product. Hours of fun & laughter...... Burning the midnight oil with it though!!!!I In use every day & half the night!!! Totally addicted!!!

The Sorry Board Game is a board game of luck, strategy, and determination. This classically styled tabletop game has easy to grasp rules and engaging gameplay. It makes an excellent 9th birthday gift, great to play with the family with 2 to 4 players. The players need to chase their opponents and try to get their 4 pieces from start to home first.

Fat Brain Toys Fold Origami Brainteaser

My daughter loves this. I wish there were more, but there are a fair amount of projects and kids can go back to them. Sort of a combo between origami and puzzle.

The brain-busting excitement of Fat Brain Toys’ Fold Origami Brainteaser is a fantastic way to help kids can exercise their minds! This amazing, thoughtful 9th birthday gift helps with logic, fine motor skills, mathematical thinking, visual-spatial skills, and patience. The 10 puzzle sheets are heavy-duty laminated, and designed for multiple uses - they need to be folded to complete the challenges, and kids can recreate 12 intricate and colorful patterns.

The Never Girls Collection #1

My daughter absolutely loves this series. Exactly what I expect. Four books perfectly tailored to a young girl who loves Disney and all things fairy. The text is large enough to help a beginner keep his/her place when reading. They are large enough books to give the reader a sense of accomplishment, but not so large they become discouraged

Packed in the cutest little box, The Never Girls Collection #1, by Disney, makes a lovely 7th birthday gift. The collection features the first four Never Girls adventures, which are: In a Blink, The Space Between, A Dandelion Wish, and From the Mist. Four best friends go in an adventure off to Never Land, a great story any kid will love to read!

ALEX Toys Craft My First Sewing Kit

My son wanted a sewing kit and this was one that looked more for boys and girls. Has everything needed for a child's first attempt at sewing.

The cutest starter sewing kit ever, ALEX Toys Craft My First Sewing Kit makes a fantastic seventh birthday gift. This kit fosters art and helps kids to learn an exciting new ability, that can become their hobby or even a future career! This set makes a fantastic activity for traveling or rainy days: it features material and instructions to sew fun things like stuffed animals.

Crayola Trolls Light-Up Tracing Pad

The Crayola Trolls Light-Up Tracing Pad is fantastic for a budding art lover. This coloring board lights up to help kids with tracing their favorite characters from the movie Trolls - children eventually find out they can print many other designs to trace too! This fantastic 6th birthday gift option features 12 short-colored pencils, 10 blank sheets, 10 trolls tracing worksheets, and a graphite pencil.

Ordinary People Change the World

Ordinary People Change the World Series is the best. You can't go wrong. My 5 year old loves it. We read these books every night. Each book teaches that they were just ordinary people who had different struggles in life but they persevere by being courageous and by not giving up.

Ordinary people change the world, you know. Who was Amelia Earhart? Or Rosa Parks? Or Abraham Lincoln? They were ordinary people! That’s what the Ordinary People Change the World is about. Brad Meltzer and illustrator Christopher Eliopoulos answer what makes a hero in this 4-books set. This amazing 6th birthday gift shows kids they can be heroes too. The collection features the books, a beautifully designed slipcase, and an autographed print, that looks great on a frame.

Mason Jar Science: 40 Slimy, Squishy Experiments

I’m not a big science project fan, but my boys are. This book is practical, fun and you don’t have to go far for most of the materials needed! I would recommend this for any science loving kids! There are lots of options for simple projects too, which was great for me!!

Mason Jar Science: 40 Slimy, Squishy, Super-Cool Experiments is a fantastic ninth birthday gift for budding scientists. The mason jar is a heatproof, transparent, and durable science lab just waiting to be discovered. How cool is it to create small stalactites, tiny tornadoes, little clouds, and more? This experiments kit is a great way a kid can observe the demonstration of principles of chemistry, biology, botany, physics, and more.

Learning Resources Crashapult STEM Challenge

This set surprised me because it is very simple but has kept my kids entertained. I like that the box is a sturdy cardboard one that I can store everything in. It has got my kids thinking about cause and effect and problem solving. Definitely a set to get kids thinking!

This STEM-themed activity set is a fantastic way you can help kids learn about concepts such as angles, trajectories, and many other physics fundamentals. The engaging Learning Resources Crashapult STEM Challenge features challenges with multiple difficulty levels. It’s a fabulous 6th birthday gift option: the kid-powered catapult is so much fun.

Galaxy Squoosh-O'S D.I.Y. Stress Ball

Surprisingly fun & super easy to make! All you do is put some small beads in a ballin w/water,tie the top & wait 60 min & they are great! Simple & fun! This was so fun and cost effective. My kids loved it!!

DIY toys are the best! The Galaxy SQUOOSH'OS Stress Ball is a fantastic toy a child can craft for themselves. The kit includes 4 bright balloons with Star print that turn into cool stress balls; blue, and purple expanding water crystals; silver glitter; a funnel; and easy-to-follow instructions. This toy makes a great 9th birthday gift - kids can explore and observe the expansion of water crystals!

How to Draw (Dover How to Draw) Paperback

A wonderful book. So cute! Great for kids getting into drawing. I got 3 of these books for my 6yr old grdgirl, animals people and how to draw, she spends hrs copying the pages and is so proud when she finishes an image

The How to Draw book is amazing for kids from 4 to 10 year old, really. Help a child really learn to draw how they want. It features easy lessons that shows the basic shapes to beginners. They can learn to sketch by combining shapes to produce remarkable representations of several subjects. This book makes it easy for youngsters and would-be artists to draw fruit, fish, kittens, and more.

Heart Eyes Emoji Pillow

Nice size and holds up well in the washing machine Great pillow! Daughter loved opening it for her birthday. Super funny, very durable and well made. Will probably purchase again as a gift

This cute, soft pillow looks amazing. It’s made from plush and polypropylene, and measures 12.5 in (32cm) diameter x 4 in (10cm) thickness. The Heart Eyes Emoji Pillow is excellent for some TV watching or in-bed reading, and it makes a fantastic ninth birthday gift to decorate a kid’s bedroom.

Tell-a-Tale Pre-School Farmyard Edition

Tell-a-Tale is a super storytelling game that’s suitable for children as young as three years old but can be played by the whole family. It can be given as a birthday present to any kid up to 10-years-old! Set up the stage by choosing from one of the images on the double-sided backdrop and then select a couple of the more massive props and a couple of characters and you’re ready to begin.

Geo STEM 2-in-1 Solar Powered Robot Salt Water Car

My grandson loves it. We could not get the salt water to work, but when we got it out in the sun the next day he was very happy with the results! He had no trouble putting it together.

This robot is powered by sun and salt water. The Solar Powered Robot Salt Water Car Kit makes a fantastic 9th birthday gift that is fun and also educational. This STEM toy goes for hands-on fun. Kids need to build their own Geo robot car by using the included detailed instructions and clearly labeled parts. This fantastic robot is fun and interactive, and after it's built, children can explore alternative green energies that make the robot move.

Meffert Gear Ball Twisty Puzzle Brainteaser

Mefferts gearball. Awesome quality and smooth to speed things up. It is a great way to engage children, keep them focused, and busy.

This brain-teasing puzzle is a new twist for the classic cube puzzle. The Meffert Gear Ball is a fabulous 9th birthday gift for kids who love challenges. Players need to hold the ball with two hands and twist it in opposite directions - the gears will move, and the colors will change. The puzzle is solved when the player frames 6 sides, each with a solid color.

4M Easy-to-Do Crochet Kit

The instructions are easy to follow and the yarn is wool and such nice bright colors.Bought my daughter more yarn because she wanted to keep crocheting. Definitely recommend if you don't know how or need a refresher crocheting!

Many people wish thehad learnt how to do crochet when they were kids. For a 9th birthday gift, 4M Easy-to-Do Crochet Kit must be one of the best options out there. It includes 2 crochet hooks, 1 plastic needle, and seven 7 colors of yarn - these materials are enough to create three of these items: handbag, coaster, placemat or belt. It also includes a 14-page instruction booklet with clear instructions!

Pocketdoodles for Kids Paperback

My kids love to do these! I keep 2 in my purse, along with colored pencils, for the kids if we are leaving the house. They have been great for waiting in long lines, restaurants and even family functions. Best best best for travel. Gives kids great direction while still letting them be creative and use their imaginations!

This fantastic pocket-sized guide for kids to draw, doodle, color, and think is an excellent choice for a thoughtful 9th birthday gift. An amazing paperback book, Pocketdoodles for Kids encourages young people’s creative thinking and production skills. It has 272 pages so that kids always have a place to draw and dream up a new idea!

"I Can Do It" Reward and Responsibility Chart

Bright colors and pictures, kiddo likes it The entire concept is great and includes basic chores/tasks every kid typically does The entire surface is dry-erase Quality material, light but not too flimsy

Kids love prizes. The Kenson Kids "I Can Do It" Reward and Responsibility Chart encourages a child to be more responsible and self-reliant. This fantastic 9th birthday gift features 20 different chores and behaviors to choose from in the chart and 45 reusable stars that kids will love to earn. This chart develops positive self-esteem in kids, besides the motivation to make things independently like getting dressed, brushing their teeth, making the bed, and more!

AppScope Quick Attach Microscope

Kids who love science and understanding of how the world works will treasure the AppScope Quick Attach Microscope. This adorable science gift for kids features a microscope that attaches to any smart phone or tablet. When attached, it has the ability to magnify items up to 30x their regular size so that kids can take pictures from their phones!

Lego Chain Reactions Science & Building Kit

Ideal present - easy to make and lots of fun for techy minded kids. It is basically a series of small projects that link together to a larger 'Chain Reaction'.

Young LEGO lovers will adore the Lego Chain Reactions Science & Building Kit. This fantastic instructional book comes with 33 LEGO elements, 6 LEGO balls, 8 paper ramps, 1 paper funnel, 2 pop-up paper signs, and more. The 80-page book makes a fabulous 8th birthday gift - it has crystal clear instructions for children to build over 10 fantastic moving machines with their own legos and the ones included.

What to Do When Your Temper Flares

This book changed my sons view of his anger, empowering him to make a difference in his own life. So helpful at removing 'mom' from the equation and allowing us to discuss his options to diffuse himself.

Anger management is a skill of the utmost importance. An excellent 11th birthday gift, the book "What to Do When Your Temper Flares: A Kid's Guide to Overcoming Problems With Anger" is fantastic for kids who have a hard time trying to control themselves. It teaches children by providing them with some cognitive-behavioral techniques, engaging them with examples and illustrations, while using simple, step-by-step instructions.

Wonder Hardcover

It's a great book to raise awareness of people living with craniofacial abnormality. It does portray a very positive view of humanity. The characters in the book are mostly intelligent, well educated, "nice " human beings.

Every kid who watched “Wonder” in the movies loved it. The bestselling novel of the same name, by R.J. Palacio, is about Pullman, a boy who was born with a facial difference but just wants to be treated as an ordinary kid. The book is a great way to introduce the story of August Pullman to kids, and it makes an excellent 11th birthday gift idea.

ALEX Toys Craft Rock

These are wonderful. We bought some for my daughter and some for my daughters friends who had birthday parties. They all love them. They’re not too heavy but they are definitely not light. They are fun to paint.

In no time, kids can turn a rock into a work of art. With the ALEX Toys Craft Rock budding artists can paint and personalize their own fox with colorful paints. A fantastic 9th birthday gift, this DIY toy features 1 fox rock pet, 1 brush, and 6 bright-colored, weatherproof paints. The fox is a sly companion that can be placed as a decoration item in a bookshelf or the backyard.

Smart Games Parking Puzzler

We're amassing quite a collection of Smart Games and they are great quality - this one is no different. It's surprisingly challenging and a nice diversion. Another great smart game - hours of fun while strengthening logical and strategic thinking.

A brain-teasing fun for the whole family, the Smart Games Parking Puzzler features 60 multilevel challenges that demand that kids use and practice some key cognitive skills. It makes for an excellent 9th birthday gift - this portable travel game is great for the dull moments of any trip. It features a game board that can be used as a storage case, 6 transparent puzzle pieces, 7 cars, and a booklet with 60 challenges and solutions.

Magnetic dart board

This is very good quality and the magnets stick on to the board really well. I was worried they would hit and fall but they are strong magnets and stick right where you threw it. I'm really glad I purchased this item for two reasons. 1.) Its safe for kids 2.) The darts stick to the mat 😊

Practicing some mental math as well as hand-eye coordination skills through a fun game is great for children. The Magnetic dart board makes a fantastic 9th birthday gift - it has all the same characteristics of traditional dartboards, but without the worry of hurting kids or walls. This magnetic dart board is double-sized, and the set also features 12 darts (6 red and 6 yellow).

ZooBooKoo Human Body Systems and Statistics Cube

Helps kids to learn the basics of the body’s systems, in a cool way. They can fold it up in different ways to learn different things. I love that! It's fun and shows different parts in good detail.

Kids will love to learn about the human body with the The ZooBooKoo Human Body Systems and Statistics Cube. It makes a fabulous educational 9th birthday gift that covers all the major body systems in a way kids understand. The cube has a tactile format that is interesting for children, and tackles areas like the heart, waterworks, lungs, digestion, ears, eyes, bones, muscles, and more!

Untamed T-Rex Interactive Collectible Dinosaur

My daughter loves Jurassic Park and this toy was perfect. Cute interaction when you pet it and small enough she can take with us in the car or going to stores so she loves that. Fun and interactive toy for toddler - relatively inexpensive

This super cute T-Rex grips onto a child’s finger to be taken anywhere. The Untamed T-Rex by Fingerlings – Scratch (Orange) - Interactive Collectible Dinosaur is an excellent idea for a 9th birthday gift. It reacts to sound, motion, and touch and has two modes: tamed and untamed. Kids can decide between a friend or foe T-Rex, that can be petted and reply with warning calls, growls, hisses, and roars!

5 Second Rule Junior

Ordered this for my best friends son, he's 9, to play with firends and family. It was a big hit at Christmas. Questions both young and old can answer. Would definitely recommend !

The family version of the popular party game, 5 Second Rule Junior is just amazing! It is a great 9th birthday gift option, in which players have to read a card and answer in 5 seconds. This easily-played game is terrific for children to play with their parents, and includes 400 questions on 200 cards, a 5-second twisted timer, 6 pawns, the game board, and rules.

Wet Head Game

Our family loves this game. We were first introduced at a friends house and fell in love with it. I have since purchased it twice, once for my house and once as a gift.

Ready for a splash of fun? The Wet Head is a super exciting, water roulette game, where the players need a lot of luck. It’s a great 9th birthday gift, in which kids need to fill the wet head with water, spin the roulette, and pull a pin. This game is full of suspense because someone will eventually get wet!

Fuzzy Pets with Washable Fuzz & Water Surprises

My grandaughter is LOL mad. So anything that makes her happy will make me happy. Well worth the money for the joy it brings. My little girl loves these and was over the moon when it arrived.

L.O.L. Surprise! Fuzzy Pets with Washable Fuzz & Water Surprises come in an all-new shampoo bottle package – when kids unbox it, they’ll find 7 surprises. This fabulous 9th birthday gift idea for children who love L.O.L. Products include a magic mirror, a secret message, the bottle, a scooper, a fashion accessory, an outfit, and a L.O.L. Fuzzy Pet covered in colorful fuzz. They will be eager to collect all the adorable new pets and variations.