Baby Swaddle Blankets for Newborns

Outstanding selection! Colors, unisex patterns, fabric quality and everything makes these swaddle wraps just amazing! The Velcro is made from very high quality materials. does not make any noise when taken off. Such a great quality swaddle wrap I purchased online. As per manufacturer instructions, I washed them right after receiving them and didn’t see any discoloration.

It is broadly accepted that swaddling newborns will make them feel safe and sound, and in turn, sleep better. It can, however, be a very real challenge to get a traditional swaddle blanket to work correctly. Save your new parent friends, or yourself, some serious frustration, and get some velcro involved. Each blanket measures 21x26 inches and is 100% breathable, elastic, ultra soft, easy to use and comfy. The great for babies from 7 to 14 lbs!