Ergobaby Carrier, 360

* Versatile; I've used it (5'9'', 135lb), my husband uses it (6'3'', 215lb), and my aunt used it (she's about 5'5'') and we all liked it * It's easy to grab and bring somewhere with you, unlike a stroller/carseat/etc * Keeps your baby within reach at all times (eases the child-snatcher paranoia), and keeps strangers at the grocery store from touching your baby with their germ-y hands

Make expecting parents happy with this excellent baby shower gift. The Ergobaby Carrier is a machine washable carrier that fits babies from 4 to 36 months without an infant insert, and 0-4 months newborns with the insert. The Ergobaby Carries allows natural breastfeeding and includes a UPF 50+ tuck away hood to protect baby from sun and wind.