The Origami Mind Bender Puzzle

I purchased this for my son at Christmas. He opened it and it was a HUGE hit. He spent the remainder of Christmas Day and most of the next day working on these puzzles. He has had a great time with them. They get more challenging as you go through the pack. Surprisingly the paper folds and re-folds very easily (for when you need to correct a mistake) without tearing or falling apart.

A favorite game for any puzzle-lover, the Brainwright Manifold, Origami Mind Bender Puzzle is an addictive collection of origami paper puzzles. An excellent idea for a 12th birthday gift, this game includes 100 captivating problems and challenges. To solve them, kids will need to transform the sheets into squared shapes - they need to do it in a way that only black shows on one side and only white on the other.