Definition: Pregante, a common misspelling of pregnant online, please see (and enjoy)

Excellent gifts for expecting parents, baby showers and new arrivals.


Definition: Bae, aka Before anyone else (as coined by the internet), also Danish for poop. In this case, if a someone is having a baby, they will soon have a bae² situation on their hands. Babies always come first, and they poop a lot.

Here, we have taken the liberty of researching and posting the best gifts we can find for the baby themselves, and for the new parents. Please feel inspired.


Definition: Gaybie, the baby or young child of a gay couple.

Excellent gifts for babies, toddlers and their parents.


Definition: Pregolicious, a cute pregnant woman. Aka, looking good whilst pregnant.

Lend a friend a hand in feeling good while pregnant, here are some great gifts for helping with sleep, comfort and with baby prep.


Definition: Baby whipped, to be controlled by an infant to such an extent that one stops engaging with one's friends.

Let's be fair, no matter how well parents of infants (or toddlers) are doing with hanging on to a life outside of their wee one (or more) they still need a little help from their friends! Throw them a lifeline in the form of a helpful gift, something to keep the bub entertained, help with the sleeping, or help with their day to day, we have them all.


Definition: Tiny Tyrant, or a toddler. One who is small, has developed very strong desires, and probably throws tantrums with little provocation. It's not their fault, it's all part of learning, but for those around them it can feel a touch tyrannical.

Help the tiny tyrant to explore and learn about the world with these wonderful gifts.


Definition: Nipper, small children around age 8 or younger.

Our excellent collection of gifts for kids, from 1 through 8.


Definition: Wee one, or little one. A child, usually 7/8 or younger.

Gifts for children from one to eight, for all occasions.


Definition: Tween, a person in their late child and early teen years, around 9 - 14, an 'inbetweenager'

Gifts for older kids and early teens - tween gifts, we got them.


Defintion: Juvenescence, the state or period of being young or youthful. Aka, a teenager

The teenage years are a period of incredible growth, help that growth with these amazing gifts to inspire, educate and entertain.


Definition: Teenager, someone between the ages of thirteen and nineteen.

There's a lot of big birthdays and celebrations in this age group! We got you coverd for all occasions.


Definition: Matka, Polish for Mother, aka, gifts for your Mom.

Show Mom some appreciation with these excellent gift ideas.


Definition: Madre, Spanish for Mother, Mum or Mom.

These gifts will help you show your love and appreciation for yo Moma, no matter what you call her.


Definition: Papa, Spanish for Dad, Daddy, Father, Pops (etc)

These gifts will help you show your love and appreciation for your Dad, no matter what you call him.


Definition: Habibi, Arabic for 'my love', the male form, so, in this case, your love! Or, someone you like a lot at least, as it is often used as a term of affection in conversation with friends.

Ok, so we just really love the word Habibi, but here we have great gifts for your boo, buba, boyfriend, or just good friend.


Definition: Habibi, Arabic for 'my love', the femanine form, so, in this case, your love! Or, someone you like a lot at least, as it is often used as a term of affection in conversation with friends.

We love the word Habibti, and here we have gifts for her! Or, your girlfriend, cupcake, boo, and close friends. Whatever your relationship, we got you.


Definition: Baba, Ukranian for Grandpa, and an excellent way to avoid using 'Grand' for Grandfather (which could make them feel old). The Ukranians, they know what's up with naming.

Feast your eyes on this excellent collection of Grandpa gifts, we got loads of idas here for you.


Definition: Gigi, Ukranian for Grandma, and an excellent way to avoid using 'Grand' for Grandmother (which could make them feel old).

Be the envy of all other gift givers with the awesome ideas for Grandma gifts.


Definition: Anniversary BAE, it's your anniversary, they're your BAE (before anyone else, partner, etc etc)

Congratulations on another year of togetherness, here are some excellent gifts to inspire you to find the perfect thing.


Definition: BFF, Best Friends Forever, so, your best friend.

We have tons of amazing gift ideas, simple as that.


Definition: Zythophile, one who loves beer. Any friend who tastes, brews, or is generally a fan of beer, accompanied by some enthusiastic knowledge. Probably not that friend who loves keg stands, unless they are prone to commenting on the quality of the beer post keg stand of course.

The best gifts for a zythophile we can find!


Definition: Beer BAE, aka, the person you turn to 'before anyone else' for a beer. Or, your actual partner, who likes beer. Perhaps.

The best beer related gifts - glasses, books, etc for your Beer BAE.


Definition: Salt Bae, is a nickname for Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe, whose videos depict him chopping meat and then adding seasoning in a theatrical manner, a move which is also called a Salt Bae.

Got a bae who loves grilling, carving, or seasoning food, perhaps in a flamboyant manner? Then you need these Salt Bae gifts, you just do.


Definition: Cocktail Lover, someone who love cocktails. This definitely explains itself, we're going to stop now.

Shakers and stirrers (sorry James), and all other manner of cocktail equipment for your Cocktail lover.


Definition: Lit BAE, Lit, to be 'turned up or popping', Bae, 'before anyone else' (or, poop in Danish, but we're skimming over that for now). LitBae, the friend you turn to first when you want to have a good time.

Booze related gifts, coming up, here's the best we can find.


Definition: Wine BAE, your 'before anyone else', or first stop when you want imbibe some vino in excellent company.

Incredible wine gifts - glasses, books, etc etc for Wine BAE.


Definition: Nerd, One who enjoys learning, often for no specific reason, and does not adhere to social norms.

All things learning related for the amazing nerds in your life.


Definition: Oenophiles, a connoisseur of wines. Try saying that after a few glasses of the good stuff. If you can, you may very well be one.

Wonderful wine gifts for the Oenophile in your life.


Star Wars Fans, or fans of Star Wars, an eclectic group of people, who go by many other names.

Star Wars related gifts? We got em here.


Definition: PotterHeads, lovers of Harry Potter. They probably have a cloak, a wand, or a snowy owl at home, can hold an expansive conversation on any number of plot points from the Harry Potter stories, and almost definitely prefer the books to the movies.

Gifts for Harry Potter fans of any age covered here, enjoy!


Definition: Trekkies, lovers of Star Trek.

The best Star Trek gifts, we got em!


Definition: Star Warrior, a fan of Star Wars. While there is not a specific and defined name for fans of Star Wars, Star Warrior is one of the more popular ones out there.

These gifts are probably self explanitory, you have a friend who's into Star Wars, here are some excellent Star Wars related gifts to check out.


Definition: The Force, a fan of Star Wars. We're taking liberties here, but this is the name we'd go for if we were naming fans of Star Wars.

These gifts are probably self explanitory, you have a friend who's into Star Wars, here are some excellent Star Wars related gifts to check out.


Definition: Tech Bro, a man who works in tech, and enjoys the comradere of their office, company or startup. They may well at one point have belonged to a fraternity, and are now increasingly better at adulting. They are always curious about new ideas and concepts.

Gadgets, gaming, gizmos, and grilling - our excellent gift collection for the tech bro in your life.


Definition: Thrones Fans, or Game of Thrones fans. Aparrently there are too many different names by which GoT lovers can go by for there to be one to rule them all. If you're looking for gifts for those who always pay their debts, or consider themselves to be mothers of dragons, you're in the right place.

Our favorite gifts for GoT fans, adding more all the time!


Definition: Tech Girl, a girl who works in tech and self identifies as a nerd, or as someone who enjoys learning on an ongoing basis. They are usually curious about new ideas and concepts, and often pride themselves on thriving in a traditionally male environment.

Gadgets, gaming, and georgous gifts for tech girl.


Definition, Tech Bae, your 'before anyone else' who happens to work in tech.

Tech, life hacking and all manner of tech related and ajacent gifts for your inspiration.


Definition, Finance Bro, a man who works in finance, and is deeply commited to their company, and to finance as a part of their identity.

Finance bro probably likes to look a little sophisticated, give him something from these excellent grown up gift ideas.


Definition, Finance Girl, a woman who works in finance, and is commited to their work as an important part of their identity.

Celebrate your friendship with these excellent gifts for the finance girl in your life.


Definition: Symposiarch, the host of a Symposium, which is a drinking party or convivial discussion, especially as held in ancient Greece after a banquet. There will definitely be drinks, there may be some intellectual conversation, the Syposiarch will be the one presiding over it all.

So what you need here, are amazing gifts for those who love to host. We got you.


Definition: An attractive older man. Generally, one that has gray hair and is often desired by younger women.

What do you get the sophisticated silver fox for a gift? He probably has almost everything alrady, but here are some excellent gift ideas for your inspiration.


Definition: Daddy Bear, the male version of the MILF. A daddy bear is any man who is sexy in a dad kind of way. Daddy Bears can usually be spotted in groups at sporting events, pushing strollers at festivals or eating lunch with his buddies during the work week. Often seen with shaved or balding heads and wrap around sunglasses in their native habitat.

Gifts for all of those attractive Dad types out there (no need for them to actually have kids!)


Definition: Cougar, An attractive, older woman, who is interested in younger men. She is attractive, confident, and just wants to have fun.

Gifts for a sophisticated woman, who has her s**** together. We got em.


Definition: Survivalist, a person who makes preparations to survive a widespread catastrophe, as an atomic war or anarchy, especially by storing food, supplies and weapons in a safe place.

You won't see any weapons on here, but if you're looking for prep materials and outdoor gear, we got you!


It's happening, the baby's on the way, there are celebrations in the offing, and you need to get a gift, but everything on the registry is gone 😱 Fear not, we got you, here are the best baby shower gifts we could find anywhere.


Someone you care about just had a B.A.B.Y. and you want the little nugget to have a gift from you. Look no further for newborn gift inspiration, we got some pretty good coverage.


Someone close to you having a baby? Send them some love and support with out expecting Mom gufts


Little nipper turning 1? Here are some excellent 1st birthday gifts ideas to help you choose the perfect thing.


First Birthday coming up? Take a few ideas from our excellent first birthday gift ideas to hlpe you decide what to get.


What do you do when bub turns two? Celebrate with some excellent gifts of course! We have all manner of second birthday gift ideas, feast your eyes.


We think this one is self explanitory, but just in case: do you need a great bithday gift for a two year old? Look no further, we have second birthday gifts in droves.


Looking for something educational and engaging, to introduce the wonders of science to to a child close to you? Some of these will be educational for parents too!


Celebrating a 3rd birthday soon? Feast your eyes on our excellent third birthday ideas!


Need a sweet gift for a toddler? Let us help you strike that great balance between educational, fun, and parent friendly.


Noone wants to be known for boring gifts. We've gathered the best fun gifts for kids that we can find, and some of them are educational too, shhhhhsh.


Wedding gift inspiration for that perfect wedding present, or simply to make sure you have everything you need on your registry.


A full gambit of house warming gift ideas for helping your friend settle into their new home. Whether for a rowdy post college first digs house warming party, or a soiree with cocktails and canopys for a swanky new penthouse, we got some ideas for you.


House warming gifts for your friends, family, or yourself. Make that house a home with our gift inspiration.


Nine is fine, but great gifts for a nine year old are a mystery... Or at least they were until now.


Looking for the perfect 10th birthday gift? Look no further, we have tons of inspiration for you.


11th birthday on the horizon? Get some gift inspo from these great eleventh birthday gift ideas..


Stumped about what to get for that upcoming 12th birthday gift? We have some ideas for you.


Tween turning fourteen? Get the perfect 14th birthday gift with the help of our fourteenth birthday gift ideas.


What to get for that 13th birthday? It can be a tricky age to buy for, but we have some great 13th bitrhday gift ideas to help.


!5th birthday around the corner? No idea what to get? Let us help, we have a heap of excellent 15th birthday gift ideas, just for you.


16th birthday round the corner? We have a ton of ideas for the perfect 16th birthday gift right here.


Excellent gifts for teenage boys with all manner of different interests. Educational, entertaining and empowering, you name it, we have an idea for it.


Incredible gifts for teenage girls of all persuasions. Empowering, inspirational or entertaining, we have ideas for (almost) all types of teen.


Looking for the perfect 18th birthday gift? Look no further, we have some excellent gift ideas for that all important 18th.


Need the perfect 19th birthday gift? We have some excellent 19th birthday gift ideas for you.


Brilliant gifts for those 20 somethings, striking out on their own, starting and moving forward in their careers, sometimes settling down, it's a big decade. We have tons of gifts ideas to help you figure out the best gifts for Christmases, Birthdays, house warmings, weddings, and everything in between.


30 is the new 20 and all that. Except when it comes to gifts, 30 needs a serious gift. We have all manner of ideas and inspiration for you here.


For the sophisticated, or otherwise, 50 something in your life, here are the best gifts we can find for 5-somethings.


What to get the 60-something woman in your life? It could be your Mum, your wife, your friend, no matter who they are to you, we have some great gift ideas here to make sure you find the perfect thing.


70th birthday gifts for women! Make sure you celebrate this milestone in style, but also make sure you know if the birthday girl wants to shout or whisper about her change in age.


Depending on your own age, finding gifts for people who have had some time to collect most of the things that they want can be tricky. Here's some inspiration for you, classy, classic and interesting gofts for the 70 somethings in your life.


When you want to show Dad a bit of appreciation, consider one of these brilliant gift ideas.


When Mama needs some love, get her one of these excellent gift ideas.


Looking for something more interesting and long lasting than flowers for Mother's Day? We got you covered with these Mother's Day gift ideas!


Show some love to yo Mama! Excellent gift ideas for your Mom on her Birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day, or any other day you want to say, 'thanks Mom'.


Pretty straightforward, you have friends, you need some gifts for them, you'd like those gifts to be fun. Here we have our fun gifts for your friends.


Gigi, granny, grandma, whatever your name for her, you're going to need some gifts for Christmas and Birthdays, and maybe sometimes, just because. Here are our favorite granny gift ideas.


Looking for that perfect gift for Grandpa, Granddad, Granddadyo... ok we'll stop now. Look no further, we got oodles of inspiration here, just for you.