Give some wheels to a new biker, driver or skater with our excellent list of 'things with wheels'.


Great gifts for lovers of (sometimes baby) sharks. We're assuming kids here mostly, with the occasional passionate grown up. Each to their own we say!

Water Play

These gifts are probably for the kids in your life? Probably, not definitely! Playing with water is great for kids to learn about different substances, infants and toddlers can spend hours filling up cups, and emptying them (trust us!) Here, we have bath toys, outside toys, and versatile toys that help kids play with water.

Bath Time

Gifts for those, often the youngest amongst us, who enjoy some entertainment in the bath.


Gifts for those who are ready to take their linnens to the next level. A new house, or a new start, often due to coupling up. An essential part of adulting, help someone increase the thread count on their bed.


Gifts for lovers of copper - we're especially partial to copper barwear - or people celebrating their 7th anniversary.


Gifts for lovers of crystal - we're especially partial to crystal glasses - or people celebrating their 15th anniversary (that's a big one!)

Good Habits

When your habits are good ones, being healthy, tidy, good with money, and more mindful is so much easier. Help someone close to you develop better habits with these excellent gift ideas.


Grammar sticklers, poetry lovers, purveyors of the written word. We have literary gifts for all ages!


Great time keeping gifts, great for people who want to be on time, and really for anyone who likes things that look cool too.


Gifts for those who love organized cupbards and storage areas in their home. Have you ever opened a friend's ktchen cupboard and gone, 'daymn, that's organized', yeah, those people.


Know someone in school and want to give them something to help with their studies? We got you.


Gifts for those who love to get active, often outdoors, but we wouldn't rule out the inside either.


A collection of gifts that just look a bit different, or a bit sleek, or, well, a bit Danish, with all sorts of uses and applications.

Group Games

Got a close person who loves playing group games? Get them a new one from this list!

Hair Care

Who doesn't want amazing hair every day? Help someone you care for live that dream with one of these wonderful gifts.


Someone in your circle love all things mathematic? Take a look at these excellent gift ideas.


Minimalism goes hand in hand with organizing and storage, but also a step beyond. Help someone increase the levels of calm and control that they feel in their lives with these excellent minimalist gifts.

Self Help

For all the self improvers out there, great gifts to encourage and support learning, introspection, meditation, and calm in the day to day.


We're thinking sophisticated sippers of whiskey here, they need equipment (glasses, ice cubes, maybe an educational book of two) to enhance their enjoyment of the wonderful world of whiskey.


Gifts for people who just love things to be easy - think, popup tents, help with organizing, or items designed to specific things easier. You'll get what we mean.


6th Wedding Anniversary celebrators, we got some excellent iron gifts for you. Also great for lovers of... iron? This isn't the metal we would have chosen for 6 years of marriage, but we're making it work.


Your space can never be too organized, until it's perfect that is... Help your friends freach peak organization with these brilliant gifts.


Almost everyone could benifit from more and better sleep, help your buddies get there with these sleep assisting gifts.


Gifts for those with a touch of ambition, often comes with the desire for self improvement.

Bath Products

Gifts for the more sophisticated bathers amongst us. Those who love to relax in the tub, or just love a good quality bathing product.


Gifts for bearded ones, who like to keep their facial hair trim.

Brain Storming

Gifts for people who love to come up with ideas, so much so, that they just. need. to. write. them. down. on a regular basis.


Gifts for those who love to light a candle, for romantic, lighting, relaxation or scent purposes.


Gifts for folks who love to work out, or who would love to work out!


Gifts for 4th anniversary celebrations, and for folks that love flowers. We don't actually sell flowers, yet...


3rd Wedding Anniversary celebrators, we got some excellent leather gifts for you. Also great for lovers of leather.


9th Wedding Anniversary celebrators, before you give up an make your own gift on the pottery wheel, we have some good options for you. If you like pottery, you might also be in the right place.


11th Wedding Anniversary? We got some amazing steel gift ideas for you! These are also just great gifts for house warmings and wedding gifts if you're looking.


Good quality knives are an adulting must for food preparation and serving, these cutting and carving gifts are the perfect solution.

Child Development

Gifts for when you want to gain some parental brownie points by making their little ones just a tiny bit smarter.

Fancy Stuff

Simply a collection of the higher end gifts on our lists, for when you're lloking for something special.


Great clothing gifts, for anyone who might be light in the wardrobe area, or who love clothes


Gifts to lend a hand, whether for health, kids, education or just for fun, we have gadgets for all occasions and all reasons.


Nothing helps you feel organized like getting your to do list, idea list, or any other kind of list, our of your brain and recorded somewhere. Help make this easier for someone you care about with these list making gift ideas.

Private Space

We're thinking mostly of the kiddos here, who love a little tent or area that they can call their own. Give them one of these, they (and maybe their parents) will adore it.

Meditative Activities

Switching off your brain helps to increase calm, and gives you the chance to process information in the background. Gve someone who is always 'on' the chance to take a step back with these excellent gifts.


1st Wedding Anniversary celebrators, we got some excellent paper gifts for you. Also great for lovers of stationary, and the written word.

Classic Toys

Classic gifts for kids, think LEGO, The Hungry Catterpillar, and any gift that might have been popular when you were the same age.


Gifts for anyone who likes to snuggle, be warm or generally prizes comfort.


Gifts for folks who love bronze, or for people celebrating their 8th anniversary, it's the bronze one.


They say all of the smartest people in the world dedicate a big chunk of their time to reading and learning about a variety of different subjects, help your kids, friends and family keep an expansive world view with some gifts that might teach them something new.

Gender Equality

Looking to give a little more inspiration from our female heros of the past and present? Share some of these gifts to make sure those stories are getting shared.


Great gifts to help impart new knowledge in a variety of areas on your loved ones, feel free to get them for yourself too!


Help a friend unleash their inner photography master with these wondeful cameras, reference books and helpful gadgets.


Close to a sensible person who likes all things to have an explicit and useful purpose? We got you with these ever so practical gifts.


Gifts for lovers of china, or anyone soon to be celebrating their 20th anniversary.


Gifts for coffee lovers, or maybe people who should have a little more caffine in their lives.

Coffee Table Books

Gifts for people who love to have something interesting displayed on their coffee table, or who like to put their interests out there.


Folks who are a whizz in the kitchen will love these gifts, help them create great food everyday.


Gifts for builders, old and young, who want to create, or understand how things are created, in the physical space.


Give someone glasses that they will ove to drink from day after day with something from this excellent list. We have glasses of all shapes and sizes, for all sorts of beverages.


Candles, lamps, photography lighting, you name it, if you need a gift for someone who craves excellent lighting in any situation, here are some great ideas for you.

Newborn Essentials

New parents need a lot of stuff, here are some essentials to help them (and you) mke sure you're covering the basics.


Camping, hiking, preparing for the zombie apocalypse? You have a friend who's into getting outside, either in the back garden, or the great beyond, get them something from this list - we have things for kids and adults here.


Pretty self explanitory, our collection of great games that make great gifts!


Gifts for folks who love to get their thoughts, feelings, ideas, and life, down on paper. Especially good if someone is about to go through a stage of life that they might want to remember later - travel, new parents, or anyone embarking on an adventure.


Gifts for gear heads, or anyone who simply appreciates the aesthetics of a beautiful vehicle.


Green thumbed friends will love these gardening gifts. Help anyone create their own beautiful garden with the items on this list!


Gifts for people who love all things tech related. Smart devices, gaming equipment, speakers and music players, baby gadgets, photography equipment, drones, you name it, we've got a recommendation for it on this list.


Gifts for snow lovers of all variaties, skiiers, snowboarders and people who live in chilly places.


Got a sport lover in your circle? Take a look at these gifts for inspiration.

Foot Care

Great gifts for someone who likes to keep their feet looking fresh, and maybe for people who should spend a bit more time with their feet!


Crafty gifts for people of all ages, help someone channel their inner crafter.


Got a grill meister in your circle? Help them up their game with these brilliant grill gifts.


Remember when you draamed of being a magician? Well, some people don't grow out of that. Here are some gifts for kids and adults who love to practice and perform magic tricks.

Reference Books

Excellent and interesting reference books for cooks, survivalists, design lovers, and so much more.

Role Play

Before you get all flustered, this is for the kids. Role play is a key part of children's development, these are some great gifts to help them really get into the zone of being a Dr, a vet, maybe even a wizard.


Gifts for those who just wanna 'beah beah, let's go get away', or any variation of enjoying the beach, the waves, the sea etc.


Cute looking gifts for people who love adorable things, often to snuggle with.

Industrial Style

Steel + wood + eddison bulbs, what's not to love? Industrial style is everywhere, and we think interior design is all the better for it.


Gifts to help kids learn montessori style, think, helping them do activities that adults do, in their own size, toys made from wood or organic materials, and anything that helps them to go deeper on a subject that they are interested in already.

Nail Care

Well manicured nails are a must for many - give something from our nail gifts list for your friends who'd love to always have perfectly presented nails.


25th Wedding Anniversary celebration?? Congratulations to the happy couple, and well done for finding our gifts of silver!


Amazing gifts for the wine lovers in your life. Or, for yourself, there's no shame in spying something for you while on the hunt for a gift for someone else!


Got some friends who are getting ready for the zombie apocalypse? Or, do you think that they should? Some excellent gifts for people interested in preparing for the worst, whch also make excellent camping gifts in many cases.

Going Out

Help your buddies have an even better time when they're out and about with something from these gifts.


Gift alternatives for a one off massage voucher, for those that need to release some muscle tension.

Smelling Good

Looking hot and smelling good? Help your favorite people keep up the latter with these sweet smelling gifts.


Space lovers will adore these space travel, exploration and educational gifts, trust us!


Gifts for those keen paleontologists in your life (hi Ross!) of various ages.

Good smells

Life is just better when everything smells good, these all make great house warming gifts.


Keep the music flowing for your favorite music lovers with these excellent gifts, that will make listening to music easier, and better.

Skin Care

For people who want perfect skin. So, everyone? Though we realize some people put more effort into their skin than others. Great gifts for you friends who would love to say 'I woke up like this' and feel good about it.


Gifts made from wood (or bamboo). Think, kids toys, furniture,decorative items, kitchenware. If you have a friend who is into wooden anything, this is the list for you. It's also great as an inspiration list for 5th anniversary gifts.


Cute and funky jewelry for the person who is always thoughtful about accessorising.


Nothing says 'I saw this and thought of you' quite like something with a person's name actually on it. Here are a few great looking and personalizable gifts for the people in your life.


Picture frames (and the photographs inside them) make a space more personalized, and keep favorite memories and people close. So, they make great gifts!

Kitchen Essentials

Gifts for the chefs, cooks and foodies in your life. Or, really for anyone who occasionally makes their own food.


Karaokie, puppet theatre, drama? Here are some toys, games and whole systems to unleash the inner performer hiding in you kids, and maybe some more of your adult friends.

Pool toys

Gifts perfect for those heading for a summer vacation near a beach or a pool, or even for the lucky ones who have their own pool. In fact, scrap that, these are gifts for you to get closer to those lucky pool owners, so you get invited over more often. You're welcome.


Puzzles can be a handy for gaining a bit of headspace, and for kids to improve their pattern matching skills. Here we have puzzles for all ages.

Team Games

Got someone who just loves to take part in team games, or who maybe should get a little more comfortable working i groups? These are great gifts for them.

Looking Good

We could all use a little extra help looking our best, these gifts are great for the beauty, grooming and makeup lovers among us.

Make Up

Have a friend who is always made up? Add to their collection with these lovely items.


Pretty self explanitory, you love someone who loves minecraft? Get them something from here.


Don't scoff at science! There are many incredible scientific discoveries to be made both inside and outside for people of all ages. Help someone stay curious with these science gifts.


Toys, toys, toys, yup, here's a whole bunch of them, enjoy!

Story Books

Who doesn't love a great story? Give these execellent and (in many cases) award winning story books to spark the imagination and give a little escapism to your favorite people.


Gifts for travel lovers, in various stages of life. We have gifts to help parents with travel, gifts to inspire, gifts to record and really, just a whole bunch of travel related ideas.


Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics, the S.T.E.M quadrant is vitally and increasingly important in today's world. Give someone a leg up with these excellent S.T.E.M gifts.

Stylized Home

Know and love someone who loves their home to look perfect, or (like us) who try really hard? These are amazing gifts for them.


Gifts made from tin, there aren't a ton of these out there, but if you're celebrating a 10th wedding anniversary, that's the material for you.