Gifts for lovers of china, or anyone soon to be celebrating their 20th anniversary.

Heart-shaped Ceramic Dishes

This SOCOSY Heart-shaped Multipurpose Ceramic Sauce Dish is a cute and multifunctional birthday gift! These dishes are small (8 X 8 cm / 3 X 3 inches), but can serve portions of vinegar, oil, salad, sauces, chili, and more! They can also be used as decoration for surfaces on the kitchen.

Star Wars R2-d2 Ceramic Cup With Lid

The Star Wars R2-d2 Ceramic Cup With Lid looks so cool, and makes such an excellent gift for star wars fans. This amazing ceramic mug holds 8 ounces of cold or hot beverages. R2-D2 has raised dimensional elements that give it a super cool 3D effect. This mug features a removable lid on top to cover the drinks or insulate them.

KOVOT Executive Tabletop Golf Mug

Golf enthusiasts and players would love to get the KOVOT Executive Tabletop Golf Mug as a gift. This fantastic set includes an 11-ounce mug, a golf-club-shaped pen, and a mini golf ball. Golf lovers will practice their golf at breakfast, by putting the ball through the hole under the mug.

Antiss White Bud Vase Set

The Antiss White Bud Vase Set is gorgeous and elegant. With an unusual design, the vases let their owners easily create beautiful arrangements with just a few flowers. An excellent gift for house warmings, weddings or birthdays, this white ceramic vase set comes with a premium looking gift box in vibrant purple.

Oriental Furniture Floral Blue & White Porcelain Vase

This beautiful white Ming style Chinese vase is made of high-grade porcelain ceramic. With a curved hexagonal shape, it is a gorgeous gift for your friend’s new house. This uniquely shaped vase’s classic Ming blue and white vine and flower pattern is finished with an antiqued ice crackle over the glaze. It can be displayed on a stand or filled with silk flower. The Oriental Furniture 12” Floral Blue & White Porcelain Vase is a traditional gift idea for weddings, anniversaries, or house warmings.