Gifts for those keen paleontologists in your life (hi Ross!) of various ages.

ROKR 3D Wooden Puzzle-Robotic Dinosaur Toys

Kids who like to play with dinosaur-like toys will love the ROKR 3D Wooden Puzzle-Robotic Dinosaur Toys. This 3D sound controlled dinosaur roars and walks when kids clap their hands. This toy is made from non-toxic, high-quality plywood, and kids need to create the robotic dinosaur puzzle. This way, they improve their practical ability, eye-hand coordination, and problem-solving skills with hands-on fun.

Untamed T-Rex Interactive Collectible Dinosaur

This super cute T-Rex grips onto a child’s finger to be taken anywhere. The Untamed T-Rex by Fingerlings – Scratch (Orange) - Interactive Collectible Dinosaur is an excellent idea for a 9th birthday gift. It reacts to sound, motion, and touch and has two modes: tamed and untamed. Kids can decide between a friend or foe T-Rex, that can be petted and reply with warning calls, growls, hisses, and roars!


This cool kit allows kids to dig dinosaur fossils that are millions of years old! The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Mega Fossil Dig Kit is a lovely 7th birthday gift for a young paleontologist. The kit features a 16-page learning guide that illustrates the specimens kids can discover, tools like the brush, chisel, and a magnifying glass, plus the dig brick, packed with the dinosaur fossils.