Pretty self explanitory, you love someone who loves minecraft? Get them something from here.

Minecraft Stop-Motion Animation Studio

Kids who love Minecraft will have an out-of-the-world fun with the Minecraft Stop-Motion Animation Studio. This amazing 12th birthday gift idea combines real-life objects with a super fun mobile app that allows them to aim and shoot, as well as swap out environments to tell a different story. The Studio includes a movie stage, 3 exclusive mini-figures, 6 different backgrounds, a device holder, and more 18 accessories.

LEGO Minecraft The Iron Golem 21123

For the LEGO and Minecraft lover, LEGO Minecraft The Iron Golem is one of the best 9th birthday gifts out there! With it, kids can mine iron ore with their own diamond pickaxe, smelt it in the furnace, and can use the crafting table to create iron blocks, just like in Minecraft. It includes 2 minifigures of Alex and a zombie, a baby pig, an iron golem, and accessory elements such as a pumpkin, and a buildable torch.

LEGO Minecraft 21114 The Farm

This lovely LEGO set is a brilliant 8th birthday gift for the young Minecraft and LEGO lover. This kit features a Steve minifigure with an accessory. The skeleton, its bow, a cow, and a sheep are also included, plus 262 different lego pieces. Many elements of the Minecraft universe are included, so children can play with both at the same time!