Karaokie, puppet theatre, drama? Here are some toys, games and whole systems to unleash the inner performer hiding in you kids, and maybe some more of your adult friends.

Singing Machine SML385UW Bluetooth Karaoke System

Bring karaoke fun to life! The Singing Machine SML385UW Bluetooth Karaoke System is a top loading CD player that is also compatible with Bluetooth connection and USB devices. This excellent teen gift has a powerful built-in speaker, a 2-digit LED display that names the song track, and 54 LED disco lights to make every karaoke night a party night.

Thames & Kosmos Magic Hat with 35 Tricks

Kids will love to enter the world of magic and sorcery! The magic hat, a rabbit puppet, and more than 40 other magic props are available in Thames & Kosmos Magic Hat so that kids can learn and perform 35 magic tricks. This fantastic 9th birthday gift makes magic look incredibly easy with the 20-page, illustrated manual that teaches most tricks in 3 easy steps.

Marvin's Magic Fifty Amazing Magic Tricks

Magic tricks are super fun and engage kids in learning and experiencing creative thinking. The Marvin's Magic Fifty Amazing Magic Tricks make a fantastic 9th birthday gift for children who would like to learn to perform tricks like mind reading, money magic, card tricks, and even levitations! This amazing selection of 225 easy-to-perform magic tricks comes with a clearly illustrated instruction booklet, the perfect start for any novice magician.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magic Set

The Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magic Set is a gold standard 8th birthday gift for a budding magician. It features some kid-friendly instructions and gives all the tools kids need to succeed making these tricks: A Disappearing Ball, Magic Coin Box, Magic Number Prediction, Money Maker, Secret Silks, Egyptian Prediction, Cylinder Squeeze, Great Escape, Vanishing Zone, and Vanishing Coin.

Melissa & Doug Magic in a Snap! Hocus Pocus Collection

The tricks in the Melissa & Doug Magic in a Snap! Hocus Pocus Collection Magic Tricks Set are simple to master, yet truly amazing to behold. Kids will love to learn how to make a $100 bill disappear and reappear. This fantastic option for a 6th birthday gift is a hands-on, screen-free play experience that encourages creative abilities. This kit is a 12-piece set that includes a magic coin bag, ball and vase tricks, cash case, and magic tube.

Charades Kids on Stage Tin

Every kid loves to play charades. A fantastic idea for a 5th birthday gift, the Charades Kids on Stage Tin, will make the birthdayboy or girl and their family pretend to fly like airplanes, hop like bunnies, and more! This game doesn't require reading, but it develops small children's communication skills and encourages creativity.

L P Kids Karaoke Machine

One of the best 5th birthday gifts out there, this Karaoke Machine with 2 Microphones and Adjustable Stand makes any kid want to rock. This mic appeals to budding singers with its bright, kid-friendly design. It features 1 sing-along microphone, an adjustable stand, and an extra handheld mic, for that beloved guest singer. It can be connected to many devices through AUX cable (which is included).

MMP Living Doorway Puppet Theater

Imaginative and creative play is a crucial component of a child's development. To help a4 year old with that, you can give them the MMP LIVING's Doorway Puppet Theater with Adjustable Rod for their birthday. This puppet theater encourages creativity and imagination by providing the backdrop needed for pretend play fun. Spark a whole new world as children create their own characters, storylines, and roles for both solo and group play.